For 50 years, Donald Russell have supplied exceptional steaks to discerning hotels and restaurants all over the world and homes across Britain.

Traditionally matured for up to 50 days for a rich, deep flavour, we guarantee award-winning quality with your steak home delivery. Lovingly hand-prepared and combined with our range of sides and sauces and speedy online delivery, steak night at home is simple. Buy steak online today or get in touch to learn more.


celebrating 50 years with our new steaks

To celebrate our 50th birthday, and the Steak festival, we have introduced brand NEW steaks for you to try, this includes a 50 Day Aged Rump Steak, a Thick Cut Sirloin and Ribeye Steak, and an Entrecôte Steak, one that we have been supplying to restaurants in London for almost 20 years.

All four have been checked and tested by our Master Butcher and our Chef to ensure the best flavour and texture. Give them a try and let us know which is your favourite.

the history behind our craft butchery

The steak as we know it, goes back to 15th century Italy, where they were cooked in open fires, and the first UK steakhouse, Simpson's Tavern, was opened in 1723 in London and is still on the go!

We were born in 1974 from a venture between Aberdeenshire Farmer, William Donald, and Master Butcher, John Stone of Russell Meats, we began serving the hospitality trade both in the UK and abroad, supplying the finest grass-fed beef to discerning hotels and restaurants, all over the world. Before long, we had a dream to deliver that same high-quality beef steak and other fine foods to homes just like yours all over Britain.

Our 'big four' steaks

The 'Big Four' steaks, including Sirloin, Ribeye, Fillet and Rump have always been the most popular steaks in almost all restaurants and shops across the UK, but it's the quality, care, and craftsmanship that puts ours a cut above the rest. Just look at how many we have sold since 2020...

Sirloin Steaks:  1,150,000  steaks sold

Ribeye Steaks:  799,000  steaks sold

Fillet Steaks:  306,000  steaks sold

Rump Steaks:  714,000  steaks sold

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our expert team of butchers

We're passionate about the traditional skills of craft butchery and passing them on to the next generation. Even with all the advances in technology which make the job easier, it's essential to have an expert touch, what we call the 'Butcher's eye', something all our expert Butchers have. We work with all of our apprentices to make sure that this is passed on along with the skills and techniques needed to do the job.

There are a lot of skills a Butcher needs, but if we had to choose the most important, it would be hand-eye coordination, depth perception, and exceptional stamina.

Our Butchers' speciality cuts

For 50 years, Donald Russell have supplied exceptional steaks to discerning hotels and restaurants all over the world.

Our Butchers' speciality steaks have enigmatic names like Skirt, Bavette and Flat Iron, the traditions of cutting these steaks go back a long way. These speciality steaks are cut from well worked or hidden muscles, meaning that they have their own unique textures and deep, beefy flavours.

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why our steaks are a cut above the rest

At Donald Russell, our skilled Intake Team ensure only the very best grass-fed British beef passes our quality test and makes it into our butchery.  Our beef is matured for up to 50 days to enhance the flavour before our expert Butchers hand trim and prepare each steak to the highest specifications, using their 'Butchers' eye' to cut to perfection. And finally, we blast freeze all our steaks, so when you defrost it, it's as fresh as when it left the Butcher's knife.

Our most prestigious cuts

If you're serious about food, as we are, this limited range is for you. The pinnacle of excellence, we are confident that these are the best cuts of meat that money can buy. Exceptional centrepieces that you will take pride in serving, they'll create lasting memories with loved ones.

These steaks are hand-cut by our experienced Butchers from the finest heritage breed Scotch beef, sourced from trusted Scottish farms. It's matured using an innovative combination of traditional dry aging and time in one of our three Himalayan salt aging chambers. After at least 35 full days of maturation, the meat has reached its peak of flavour and texture.

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try eddie's peppercorn sauce


1 tsp butter
½ shallot, finely diced (optional)
2 tsp green peppercorns (in brine)
1 tbsp whisky
1 garlic clove, crushed to a paste with salt
1 tsp fine Dijon mustard
100ml whipping cream


Use the pan in which you cooked the steaks, remove any remaining fat with kitchen paper. Add the butter and shallots to the pan, allow it to froth and add the green peppercorns. Partially squash some of them into the butter using the back of a wooden spoon, and then stir in the whisky and garlic (there is no real need to flame the alcohol). Allow to combine for a few moments and then whisk in the mustard and cream until all is smooth. Simmer gently - continuing to whisk occasionally - until the copious amount of bubbles begin to reveal an increasingly brown tinge, and the sauce is a creamy consistency.