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Lamb Roasts

Planning your next Sunday roast? From our juicy Boneless Lamb Leg to the crispiest Whole Lamb Shoulder, we have premium roast lamb joints ready for the occasion.

Whether you prefer boneless or bone-in lamb roast joints, we've got something to suit your taste. All our lamb meat is expertly selected for perfect freshness and frozen at just the right time to capture the very best flavour. If you'd like to learn more before booking your first roast lamb delivery, please contact us today.

  • Lamb Saddle Roast Lamb Saddle Roast
    From: £25.00
  • Slow-cooked Lamb Leg
    From: £65.00
  • Boneless Lamb Leg
    From: £40.00
  • Whole Lamb Shoulder
    From: £31.00
  • Rolled Shoulder of Lamb
    From: £22.50