Ribeye Roast with grilled avocado salad

Ribeye Roast with grilled avocado salad


Ribeye Roast, 1kg

sea salt and cracked black peppercorns

For the Salad
3 avocados

juice of 1 lemon

1 large punnet mixed cherry tomatoes , halved

1 bunch flat leaf parsley

1 small bunch basil leaves

3 or 4 sun dried tomatoes

100ml French or balsamic dressing


  1. Cooking Instructions for Ribeye Roast: from defrosted: remove all packaging and pat dry with kitchen paper. Allow 30 minutes for the meat to come to room temperature.

    Cooking temperatures and times:
    Preheat oven to 250°C/ fan 230°C/gas 9.
    Place the joint in a roasting tray. Season with salt and pepper.
    Sear meat for 15 minutes in the oven.
    Reduce oven temperature to 190°C / fan 170°C / gas 5 and add cooking time below.

    Rare: 20-25 minutes (internal temperature of meat: 45-47°C)
    Medium: 30-35 minutes (internal temperature of meat: 55-60°C)
    Well done: 45-50 minutes (internal temperature of meat: 65-70°C)

    Once your joint is cooked to your liking, remove from the oven.
    Place it on a board or platter, cover with foil and leave to rest for at least 20 minutes.

    Easy carving:
    After resting, slice across the grain.

    To make the salad

    Halve the avocados, remove the stones, brush with ½ the lemon juice to prevent discoloration.

    Grill the avocados, cut side down, until the outside edge looks a little dry and browned, about 2 minutes. Turn onto the other side and cook for 2 minutes.

    If the avocados were very firm, leave on the grill for a further minute but don’t turn too often or they’ll break up. Place the grilled avocados onto a large serving platter, drizzle over the remaining lemon juice. Leave until cool enough to handle, then cut into wedges.

    Simply blitz the sun dried tomatoes into the salad dressing

    Spoon half your chosen dressing over the tomatoes and leave to one side for 10 minutes.

    Pick the parsley and basil leaves, season with salt and pepper and then scatter over the avocado wedges, add the tomatoes and spoon over the remaining dressing. Add the sliced beef and serve immediately.


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